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Here at 16Wells, we’ve been working constantly since 2011 on all kinds of projects aimed at improving the marketing and results that our clients achieve.

As we started 2016, we looked back at the great projects, and the ones that fell flat, and looked for the threads that were common to the best and most successful projects we’ve done.

It was pretty simple: Things go better when the client team has a big goal and is swinging for the fences.

Not crazy, stupid, ridiculous.  But tangible, achievable, goals — that can only be met if there is a real common purpose and a single-minded desire to get there.  That’s what it felt like when I was part of an amazing team at optionsXpress.  Or when tradeMONSTER was getting started and we were all so driven to have an impact.

Which brought us to our New Years’ resolution look back at the dozens of clients we’ve worked with over the last four-plus years, and a sharp self-evaluation of when we were most energized and when we achieved the most with our clients.

And it led us to a new purpose as a company:
In the next 5 years, we are going to help 100 companies double their revenues
Crazy? Maybe.

Achievable?  Hell yes.

Here’s the thing: what if you decided to double your company revenue? And you and your team went full speed ahead for the whole year, with the common, single goal of doubling your revenues.

What would you do?

Would it change your decisions, priorities, projects, and more?  Sure it would.

And what if you fell short at the end of the year?  Maybe you only got to 65% growth.  Or 45%.


Most people would kill to get that kind of growth, any year. You’ll get over missing the mark, and can try again.
About Risks & Rewards
In a New Yorker article, Sheryl Sandberg talked about a poster on the wall at Facebook.  It said “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?”

We believe that you generally get rewarded for taking risks in life.  But as human beings, we have a tendency to lock on to the failures or times things didn’t work out.

It’s very intentional on our part that this goal is both 1.) audacious and 2.) about others, not ourselves.

As we look back on our career, income, results — pretty much on any yardstick you might use — one incontrovertible fact was clear:
When we focused on ourselves, we got very little result. When we focused on others, we leapt ahead by every measure.
Now, a goal like “double your company revenue” might seem like we’ve lost our senses. It certainly will never be an easy thing to do.

What it requires is re-examination of every marketing channel, every dollar of ad spend, every potential JV or affiliate partner you could be working with. Pushing, and maybe breaking, the limits of “the way we do things here”.

Is this where you want to go?


We look forward to hearing from you.